Q7 - Q Plate.

The seventh number plate to be issued in Queensland was Q7.

It was first issued in 1921 to George H. Perry of Windermere Road, Hamilton.  The plate was fitted to a Wolsley.

The plate was sold in 1985 at The Great Qld Plate Auction where it achieved a price of $12,000.

In 2015 the plate was offered again via a bankrupt estate.

According to documentation released by the trustees of the bankrupt estate, the plate was owned by Ross Palmer.

Ross Palmer was once the owner of Palmer Tube Mills, which was made famous by its longtime sponsorship of touring car legend Dick Johnson.

Coincidentally, Dick Johnson was the owner of Q17.

Expressions of interest for the number plate were open until 23 January 2015, and a sale did take place following the tender process.

The sale price was not made public, however two bidders made public their offers in the mid to high $100,000 range.

Given that the more desirable Q8 recently sold at action for $220,000 it would be fair to suggest Q7 sold for somewhere around $200,000.

In June 2015 the plate was spotted in the wild for the first time since the tender, appearing on a silver Smart.



Smart – 26 June 2015 – Heritage Number Plate Spotting / Auto X Photography

Q7 - Q Plate.

Q7 number plate – 20 January 2015

Q7 number plate for sale.

Sales literature – 19 January 2015

Q7 heritage plate

Porsche Cayenne Turbo – Circa 2006 or earlier – Source unknown


“I just bid $182K for Q7 and missed out.”

6 February 2015 – Aussie Exotics

“My tender was $152,000. I also don’t know what it sold for but I’d say around 220-250”

4 February 2015 – Heritage Number Plate Spotting

“A rare single-digit Queensland number plate that belonged to a now-bankrupt businessman has gone on sale.

But you’ll need multiple digits to snap it up, with the Q7 plate expected to fetch more than $150,000.”

21 January 2015 – Q7 number plate for sale after businessman goes bankrupt – Brisbane Times

If you have any photos of the Q7 heritage number plate please get in touch with us.

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