The NSW ‘6′ heritage number plate was sold in 2007 for a world record price at the time, which was said to be around one million dollars.

Its first sale at auction came at the 1983 Great Plate Auction where it was the highest priced plate, selling for $50,500.

The plate was originally issued in 1915 to the Tramway Department and registered to a 20hp 1915 A-type Vauxhall.


NSW 6 Mercedes AMG C63

Mercedes AMG C63 – 2010 – Aussie Exotics

NSW 6 heritage plate

Mercedes AMG C63 – 2010 – Aussie Exotics

NSW 6 number plate

Range Rover – 23 December 2009 – Plate Shed

NSW 6 number plate

The above video shows the auction where NSW ‘6’ was passed in for $895,000 back in 2007.


“NSW 6 was reportedly sold for more than $1 million after auction in 2007.”

14 November 2013 – Rare number plate Q8 goes to auction – Courier Mail

“The Q8 plate has been in the hands of a NSW investor for decades, and is the first Australian single digit plate to hit the auction block since NSW 6 reportedly changed hands for more than $1 million following a 2007 auction.”

11 November 2013 – Record price tipped for car number plate – Cars Guide

“Passed in at auction for $750,000 last weekend the plate was sold for what is believed to be close to $1 million following negotiations early this week.

“The previous record was $680,000 for NSW ‘2’ in 2003. So while we are aware of the previous record and know that this is a record we won’t disclose the figure because we have signed a non-disclosure contract with both parties.”

Glover would only say that the sale price was “significantly above $680,000” but other sources suggest it was close to $1 million.”

20 June 2008 – Record price set to display NSW number plate ‘6’ – The Daily Telegraph

“The first Numeral Only plate auction was held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. The auction was called the ‘Great Plate Auction’ and 5,000 people attended. This was a new Australian record for attendance at an auction. There were 111 plates sold and total proceeds were $1,418,600. The highest price paid was $50,500 for the plate ‘6‘.”

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