We’ve seen quite a few number plates around which include the word DEBT.

Some people are happy to point out that their car has left them in debt, whilst others feel the need to point out that they have no debt.

Here are some of the DEBT plates that we’ve come across…

NO DEBT number plate

NO DEBT [QLD] Nice to know…!  Credit: Ferrari Chat.

Ferrari F430

NO DEBT [QLD] Nice upgrade!  Credit: Ferrari Chat.

Nissan S15 Silvia 200SX

IN DEBT [SA] Nissan 200SX (Silva).  I think most people would be happy to have a little debt in order to own this very nice S15.  Credit: Boost Photography

IN DEBT number plate

IN DEBT [QLD] Mercedes-Benz AMG C63.  Nice to see an owner who is honest about his/her expensive car.  Of course they could be loaded and the plate is simply ironic.  That could also work!  Credit: Brisbane/Gold Coast Exotic Car Spotting.

INDEBT Ferrari plate

IN DEBT [WA] Ferrari F355.  Another “in debt” plate.  Credit: Ferrari Chat.

Finance number plates

NO DEBT + BNKRPT [QLD] together on a pair of matching BMW M3s.  Not sure if the two cars are connected or not, but it’s great to see them together!  Credit: Ferrari Chat.

BANKRPT Lamborghini Gallardo

BANKRPT [QLD] Lamborghini Gallardo.  Okay so this plate doesn’t actually include the word debt, but it does cover what happens when you can’t pay your debts!

Bankrupt number plate

BANKRPT [SA] Mercedes AMG C63.  This plate is currently for sale via www.numberplates.com.au with an asking price of $15,000.

BNKRPT number plate

BNKRPT [QLD] Ferrari 360 Modena.  Another variation on the bankrupt plate.  Credit: Ferrari Chat.

BNKRPT plate

BNKRPT [QLD] Mercedes AMG E63.  The same plate on another car.  Credit: Ferrari Chat.

'BAD DEBT' on a Mercedes-Maybach S600.

BAD DEBT [QLD] Mercedes-Maybach S600.  Great plate for a $600k+ vehicle!  Credit: Brisbane/Gold Coast Exotic Car Spotting.

If you have photos of any other plates related to debt or money please share them on our Facebook page.

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