Heritage plates are generally considered to be the first official number plates issued in each Australian state or territory.

The plates consist solely¬†of numbers, with the exception of Queensland where the plates start with a ‘Q’.

This article is not intended to be an in-depth history of heritage plates, but more of a quick reference guide when trying to identify a plate.

The information below is still a work in progress. ūüôā


Plate type:  Black with white numbers.  Vitreous enamel.

Numbers issued:  1 to 285000

Years issued:  1932 to 1939

More info:  Vic Roads Heritage Plates

New South Wales

Plate type:  Black with white numbers.

Numbers issued:  1 to 273978*

Years issued:  January 1910 to 1937

* Although the highest issued plate up to 1937 was 273978, the RMS has since issued higher numbers at auction.

Referred to by the RMS as “Numeral only plates”.


Plate type: ¬†Black ‘Q’ on a white background, followed by white numbers on a black background.

Numbers issued:  Q1 to Q687612

Years issued:  1921 to 1955 (31 May)

Click here to see which numbers where released during which years.

More info:  PPQ Q Plates

South Australia

Plate type:  Black with white numbers.

Numbers issued:  1 to ?

Years issued:  1906 to ?

More info:

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