The Victorian heritage number plate 95 sold for an impressive $198,000 at a Shannons auction back in 2007.

Vic 95 now looks very at home on a black BMW X6.


Vic 95 number plate

BMW X6 – 7 November 2014 – Heritage Number Plate Spotting

It appears that the front number plate has been replaced since the last photo was taken.

Vic 95 heritage number plate

BMW X6 – 12 June 2014 – Heritage Number Plate Spotting

Vic 95 heritage plate

Auction Result – 3 September 2007 – Shannons

Vic 95 heritage number plate.

Vic 95 ‘auction style’ enamel number plate.


“Chasing ’86’ closely for the top sale of the night were the similar black and white Victorian plates ‘95‘, which sold for $198,000.”

4 September 2007 – The ‘Smart’ money was on ‘Agent 86’ at Shannons – Shannons

“At least two of the plates – the numbers 86 and 95 – could break previous auction price records for early Victorian number plates.

Number 95 in particular has particular symbolism in Chinese numerology, as the combination of 9 with 5 traditionally represents a man at the peak of his powers.

Number 86 has superior numeric value, as normally the lower the number the higher the price, while for ‘Get Smart’ TV show fans it is symbolic of Maxwell Smart as ‘Agent 86’.

Shannons are quoting a guiding range of $200,000-$280,000 for each of these plates, however there is every likelihood that these plates could eclipse that mark, as values are rising continually.”

28 August 2007 – Million dollar plate sale at Shannons – Shannons

If you have more photos or information on the Victorian heritage plate #95 please get in touch.

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