Victorian heritage plate #86.

This impressive two digit plate was sold in 2007 at a Shannons auction for $220,000.

The plate was again offered for sale in 2013, with offers over $255,000 being sought.

The current owner reportedly owns a number of other low digit heritage plates.


Vic 86 number plate

Mercedes-Benz ML350 – 25 June 2014 – Heritage Number Plate Spotting

Victorian 86 enamel plate

Vic 86 enamel plate – 6 July 2013 – Aussie Exotics

86 auction result

Auction result – Shannons – 3 September 2007

Vic 86 heritage plate

Vic 86 number plate – Shannons


“That plate’s been on a fifth gen M Benz SL 65 AMG for years, and is a common sight in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.”

6 July 2012 – Aussie Exotics

“Vic ‘86‘ – OFFERS ABOVE $255,000″

Date unknown (circa 2012) – Vic Heritage Plates

“The ‘Smart’ money wasn’t spent on shapely metal at Shannons Melbourne Spring auction on Monday September 3. It went on a pair of black and white number plates bearing the number ‘86‘ – numerals forever linked to Special Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, of TV fame.

Selling on estimate for $220,000, they headed an extraordinary night of bidding that saw record or near-record prices achieved for 53 of the 67 vehicle and memorabilia lots on offer for a combined total of $1.35 million – around $500,000 of this on spent number plates.

Chasing ‘86‘ closely for the top sale of the night were the similar black and white Victorian plates ’95’, which sold for $198,000.”

4 September 2007 – The ‘Smart’ money was on ‘Agent 86’ at Shannons – Shannons

“At least two of the plates – the numbers 86 and 95 – could break previous auction price records for early Victorian number plates.

Number 95 in particular has particular symbolism in Chinese numerology, as the combination of 9 with 5 traditionally represents a man at the peak of his powers.

Number 86 has superior numeric value, as normally the lower the number the higher the price, while for ‘Get Smart’ TV show fans it is symbolic of Maxwell Smart as ‘Agent 86’.

Shannons are quoting a guiding range of $200,000-$280,000 for each of these plates, however there is every likelihood that these plates could eclipse that mark, as values are rising continually.”

28 August 2007 – Million dollar plate sale at Shannons – Shannons

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