Like many other exotic cars, Ferraris can commonly be seen wearing personalised or heritage number plates.

Many Ferrari owners come up with their own unique combos, but some seem desperate to have the word FERRARI on their number plate, just in case the prancing horse wasn’t enough!

Of course there can only be one FERRARI plate in each state (or perhaps none in those states without 7 character plates), but that doesn’t stop people from trying.

To start with lets take a look at the only proper Ferrari plate we’ve come across:

Ferrari Number Plate

Ferrari Number Plate

FERRARI [ACT] Ferrari 458 Spider.

There is definitely some benefit to having the one and only FERRARI plate for your state, but we have to say, even with the correct spelling this plate really does nothing for the car.

This probably has a lot to do with the somewhat tacky font used on the plate itself.  Perhaps a more appropriate font would make the plate look a lot better.

Bad Ferrari Number Plates

Now let’s move onto some of the incorrect Ferrari number plate spellings we’ve seen over the years…

FERARRI number plate

FERARRI [SA] Ferrari 360 Spider.  At first glance this looks fine, but unfortunately the double R is in the wrong spot.  I’m guessing most people wouldn’t even notice, but anyone who cared about the car or plate would know straight away.


F3RRARI [QLD] Ferrari 360 Spider.  Replacing the E with a 3 just doesn’t do such a beautiful car justice.


FARRARI [QLD] Ferrari 360 Spider.  We can’t imagine what was going through their head when they ordered these plates.  They make a truly awesome looking car seem a little stupid.

FARAR1 Ferrari plate

FARAR1 [VIC] Ferrari F430 Spider.  FERAR1 would have been a better attempt, but presumably that’s taken too.


RARRI Ferrari 360

RARRI [NSW] Ferrari 360 Spider.  There is some debate over this one.  Some will think it’s a cute name for a Ferrari, but it just doesn’t make sense as the double R is the first one in Ferrari, not the second one as shown on the plate.

FRRARI number plate

FRRARI [NSW] We’re not sure what car this plate is on.  Perhaps not a Ferrari at all?  There’s no mistaking what the plate is supposed to mean however.

It’s quite interesting that most of the incorrectly spelled Ferrari number plates are on 360 Spiders…

PS.  I would gladly drive around with any of these so-called ‘bad’ number plates if it meant I could have the car, but to be honest I’d rather have a standard plate or something more like some of the ones pictured below. 🙂

Good Ferrari Number Plates

But it’s not all bad.  There are some Ferraris wearing plates which are not too bad at all.

The best of these are the ones that wear heritage plates matching their model number.  These are so special that we’ve given them their own page.

Please note that we’ve only included plates which reference the Ferrari name or the model number.

Ferrari 458

4 FIVE 8 [QLD] Ferrari 458 Italia.  Not a bad effort, and definitely better than standard issue plates.

360CPE Ferrari

360-CPE [QLD] Ferrari F360 Modena.  Not sure if CPE refers to coupe, but either way this is a nice looking combo for a 360.

360FIF Ferrari

360-FIF [QLD] Ferrari 360 Spider.  FIF could mean F1 Ferrari perhaps?

430FER plate

430-FER [NSW] Ferrari F430.  A simple, but very nice plate.  Credit: Melbourne Exotic Car Spotting.

458F Ferrari

458F [QLD] Ferrari 458 Italia.  A neat little plate.  Not so sure about the Shell sticker though.

Ferrari 550 Maranello

F550M1 [VIC] Ferrari 550 Maranello.  This is a personalised plate which has been remade in the heritage enamel style.  It looks good, but having anything other than a genuine heritage plate made in enamel is a no-no.

458OOO Ferrari

458OOO [QLD] Ferrari 458 Italia.  Good use of a 3 number / 3 letter plate.  The last three characters are the letter ‘O’ but the plate looks like it could be all numbers.

550V12 Ferrari 550 Barchetta

550 V12 [QLD] Ferrari 550 Barchetta.

Ferrari F1 number plate

F1 [WA] Ferrari F430 Spider.  In my opinion this is the best plate for a Ferrari.  Formula One.  That’s what Ferrari is all about.  Credit: Jackson Moore Exotics.

F1 number plate

F1 [ACT] Another F1 plate on a Ferrari.  Just perfect.

Ferrari F1 number plate

F1 [ACT] Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale.  This is the same plate but on a different car.  It looks fantastic on the 360CS.

F1 Ferrari plate

F1 [NSW] Ferrari F430.  Yet another F1 plate.  Very nice.  Quite a nice arty photo too!  Credit: Aussie Exotics.

F1 Ferrari number plate Qld

F1 [QLD] Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale.  Another 360CS with an F1 plate.  Just perfect.  Credit: Aussie Exotics.

Vic F1 number plate

F1 [VIC] Ferrari 599 GTB.  Another F1 plate!  This one has been remade in the heritage enamel style, which is a bit of a no-no.  Looks great though.  Credit: Melbourne Exotic Car Spotting.

F1 458 Ferrari

F1 458 [QLD] Ferrari 458 Italia.  This is quite a good looking number plate that suits the car well.

F360X number plate

F360X [WA] Ferrari 360 Spider.  No idea what the ‘X’ stands for.  Credit: Elevated Class.

FER430 Ferrari

FER-430 [QLD] Ferrari F430 Spider.  Good use of a 3 letter / 3 number plate.

FER458 Ferrari

FER-458 [QLD] Ferrari 458 Spider.  Another good use of a 3 letter / 3 number plate.

Ferrari 488 number plate.

FER-488 [QLD] Ferrari 488 GTB.

This plate is currently for sale on


FER-599 [QLD] Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.  There’s certainly a theme running with these ‘FER’ plates.

FF12 Ferrari

FF12 [QLD] Ferrari FF.  This appears to be one of the 2×2 flexi plates which has been used quite well on the FF V12.

Ferrari FF Number Plate

FF [QLD] Ferrari FF.  This is my favourite plate on the page.  On its own it’s a great plate, but on a Ferrari FF it’s perfect.

FFV12 Ferrari

FF V12 [QLD] Ferrari FF.  Another decent FF plate.  It’s always important to let other people know that your Ferrari runs a V12!

ITAL1A Ferrari California

ITAL1A [QLD] Ferrari California.  This number plate would be better suited to a 458 Italia, but it still works here.

KEN360 Ferrari Challenge Stradale

KEN360 [QLD] Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale.  A nice plate, but I feel it would look better in black.

MY4RE Ferrari 599

MY 4RE [QLD] Ferrari 599.  This one isn’t too bad.  Better than a standard issue plate at least.

ORS355 Ferrari

ORS-355 [QLD] Ferrari F355.  Perhaps ORS is meant to be Horse?  Or it could just be their initials.  Either way it looks good.

QVE12Z Ferrari Superamerica

QVE12Z [QLD] Ferrari Superamerica.  This is a Queensland Euro plate.  Not a bad way to let others know your Ferrari is a V12.

RACE F1 Ferrari 430

RACE F1 [QLD] Ferrari F430 (Challenge?).  This one probably has no need for a number plate by the look of it!

THE458 Ferrari

THE458 [QLD] Ferrari 458 Italia.  Good use of a 3 letter / 3 number plate.  The pinkish-red text is a bit off though.  I’d have gone with white text.

Ferrai 599 roman numerals

V IX IX [WA] Ferrari 599 GBT.  This is quite a clever plate.  If you’re unsure, think roman numerals.  Source: Ferrari Chat.

W8 HORSE Ferrari 458

W8 HORSE [QLD] Ferrari 458 Italia.  White Horse perhaps?

If you have photos of more Ferrari number plates, either good or bad, please send them through so we can add them to the collection.

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