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The Great Qld Plate Auction

Event:  The Great Qld Plate Auction Date:  9 June 1985 Location:  Sheraton Hotel, Brisbane. This was the largest auction of Q plates ever held in Queensland. The full plate results are detailed below.  If the number below appears as a link, you can follow the link to our photo of the plate on a car. If you…
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Qld Number Plate – Q7

The seventh number plate to be issued in Queensland was Q7. It was first issued in 1921 to George H. Perry of Windermere Road, Hamilton.  The plate was fitted to a Wolsley. The plate was sold in 1985 at The Great Qld Plate Auction where it achieved a price of $12,000. In 2015 the plate was offered again via a bankrupt…
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Qld Number Plate – Q4

The fourth number plate issued in Queensland was Q4. The last reported sale (that we know of) for this plate was at The Great Qld Plate Auction back in 1985, where it sold for $13,000. Q4 was first registered in 1921 to a Ford owned by John Thurlow & Sons Ltd, of Alice Street in Albion….
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Qld number plate – Q8

All single digit Q plates are special, but after Q1, the second most desirable plate would likely be Q8. Q8 was purchased at the original Great Qld Plate Auction for $12,500 in 1985. More recently, in 2013, it was sold at the Great Qld Plate Auction III for $220,000.  This was well below estimates of…
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