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Vic 3 digit heritage plates – 250 to 499

This page features all of the 3 digit Victorian heritage plates which have been listed on the Heritage Number Plate Spotting Facebook page. Please note that the dates refer to the date the photo was shared on the Facebook page.  The photo may have been taken at an earlier date. Due to the size of the collection we…
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NSW Number Plate – 2

The NSW heritage number plate 2 set a new record price for an Australian number plate when it sold at auction for $680,000 in 2003. Prior to making its way onto the current Ferrari it spent some time on a Mercedes AMG, and for the 72 years prior to its sale in 2003 it was on nothing…
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Victorian 2 digit heritage plates

This page features all of the 2 digit Victorian heritage number plates which have been shared on our Facebook page. You can visit our Facebook page here if you have any photos to share. Please note that the dates refer to the date the photo was shared on our Facebook page.  The photo may have been taken at…
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Ferrari heritage number plates

Earlier this week we published a whole bunch of Ferrari number plates.  Some good, some bad and some just plain wrong… The one category of plates not represented were heritage plates.  Why?  Because we believe heritage plates are so special they deserve their own special page. So for your viewing pleasure, here is a collection…
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Ferrari Number Plates

Like many other exotic cars, Ferraris can commonly be seen wearing personalised or heritage number plates. Many Ferrari owners come up with their own unique combos, but some seem desperate to have the word FERRARI on their number plate, just in case the prancing horse wasn’t enough! Of course there can only be one FERRARI…
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Vic Number Plate – 40

Like a number of other quality heritage plates (such as Vic 16), the 40 plate has adorned more than one Ferrari. The latest public information shows that the plate was purchased by property developer Colin De Lutis prior to 2007 for in excess of $200,000. The same report states that De Lutis had started searching for…
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