The Great Celebrity Plate Auction

The Great Celebrity Plate Auction

Event:  The Great Celebrity Plate Auction

Date:  1 September 1985

Location:  Sheraton Hotel, Brisbane.

Three months after the original Great Qld Plate Auction, the Qld Government held another auction titled ‘The Great Celebrity Plate Auction’.

Virtually no information exists about this event, however photos of the promotional material that came with one of the plates purchased confirms some of the details.

Below we have listed the plates that are known to have been offered.  If you know more about this auction we’d love to hear from you.

Q Plates:

  • Q1916 – Price unknown

Other Plates:

  • ITALY – Price unknown
  • LEASE – Price unknown

The information used for this page has come from the following three images.  This is the only information we can find about this auction anywhere online.

Qld Q1916

Italy Qld Number Plate


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