Before I could afford a proper heritage plate, I bought myself a black and white plate that at least looked old and numeric.

The key was starting the plate with three letter ‘O’s that would look just like the number zero.

I still have that plate, and I must say I still love this plate format.  It seems that I’m not alone, as plenty of other people are going with the same option.

When I purchased mine, OOO-208 was the lowest number available, and this is what I went for.  Checking now, the lowest number is OOO-229, but there are only ten other plates available in the 200 range, and eleven in the 300 range.

This gallery contains all of the OOO number plates I have spotted around the place.


OOO-023 – This one has recently been listed for sale on with an asking price of $2,900.


OOO-024 – Audi Q7


OOO-208 – Toyota Celica




OOO-676 – Nissan Navara

Have you seen, or do you have, a similar plate?  If so please send a photo to add to the gallery!

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