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The Great Qld Plate Auction

Event:  The Great Qld Plate Auction Date:  9 June 1985 Location:  Sheraton Hotel, Brisbane. This was the largest auction of Q plates ever held in Queensland. The full plate results are detailed below.  If the number below appears as a link, you can follow the link to our photo of the plate on a car. If you…
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Single Digit Q Plates

The most valuable number plates in Queensland are commonly known as ‘q plates’. As with all other states, it is the nine single-digit plates which are the most sought-after and command the highest prices. We have some great photos and some not-so-great photos of the single digit q plates.  If you have other photos we’d love…
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Q plate issue dates

The following list details which Q plates where issued during each year. Q plates where issued from 1921 to 1955. 1921 – Q1 to Q8182 1922 – Q8183 to Q13922 1923 – Q13923 to Q21434 1924 – Q21435 to Q23724 1925 – Q32725 to Q47920 1926 – Q47920 to Q67735 1927 – Q67736 to Q86509 1928 – Q86510 to Q104715 1929 – Q104716…
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Qld Number Plate – Q1

Q1 would be the most famous number plate in Queensland. It is owned by Stefan (Steve) Ackerie, of the Stefan Hair empire. Stefan purchased Q1 at the 1985 Great Qld Plate Auction for $100,000 and has retained ownership ever since. The plate has been seen on a range of cars over the years including a Porsche…
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