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The Great Celebrity Plate Auction

Event:  The Great Celebrity Plate Auction Date:  1 September 1985 Location:  Sheraton Hotel, Brisbane. Three months after the original Great Qld Plate Auction, the Qld Government held another auction titled ‘The Great Celebrity Plate Auction’. Virtually no information exists about this event, however photos of the promotional material that came with one of the plates purchased confirms…
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PPQ Q Plate Auctions

From 1999 to 2010, Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ) held number plate auctions. All sorts of plates were offered at the auction, however this list focuses on the heritage plates (q plates) sold. The plates are grouped by the year of the auction.  If the plate is shown as a link you can follow the link to…
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The Great Qld Plate Auction

Event:  The Great Qld Plate Auction Date:  9 June 1985 Location:  Sheraton Hotel, Brisbane. This was the largest auction of Q plates ever held in Queensland. The full plate results are detailed below.  If the number below appears as a link, you can follow the link to our photo of the plate on a car. If you…
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2008 Brisbane International Motor Show Auction

Event:  2008 Brisbane International Motor Show Auction Date:  10 February 2008 Location:  Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre View the full auction results here. The Queensland heritage plate (‘q plate’) results from the auction are listed below. 2 digit: Q31 – Passed in – $100,000 Q83 – Passed in – $63,000 3 digit: Q154 – $25,000 Q204 – Passed in…
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