Vic '1-616' on a Kia Sorento.

Vic 1882 Bicentennial plate

Most number plate fans will be familiar with the Victorian enamel heritage plates.

But there is another less-common type of heritage plate – the bicentennial plate.

Although these plates don’t look like a normal heritage plate, they are most certainly heritage numbers.

The following information is from VicRoads:

Bicentennial plates were made especially to celebrate Australia’s bicentennial anniversary. Two hundred plates were made, each representing a year from 1788 to 1988. Bicentennial plates were sold by tender and are not available for new issue, they can only be issued as a replacement plate in standard size.

Bicentennial plates were issued in the following range; 1788 to 1988 and they display two emblems, one on the left is the Victorian State Crest and the emblem on the right is the Bicentennial map of Australia logo. As there were only 196 plates available in this range, 4 other combinations where included; 1606, 1616, 1642 and 1770.

Bicentennial combinations remade in heritage enamel

Some owners of bicentennial combinations prefer the look of enamel plates, and have their plates remade by third parties in enamel.

Whilst technically this may be illegal, as all plates used on a vehicle must be issued by VicRoads, it doesn’t seem to stop people!


At the Heritage Number Plate Spotting Facebook page we do get bicentennial plates sent in from time to time.

Here’s our collection of photos so far…

Vic '1-616' on a Kia Sorento.

1616 – Kia Sorento – 10 November 2015

Vic '1-797' on a Ford Falcon.

1797 – Ford Falcon – 20 June 2014

Vic 1882 Bicentennial plate

1882 – Porsche Cayenne S – 8 May 2015

Do you have photos of bicentennial number plates?  Please send them in!

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