Vic 69 is one of the more ‘interesting’ 2 digit heritage plates.

According to a report in The Age in 2007, the plate sold for $40,000 sometime prior to 2007.

Today it’s value would be well into six-figure territory.


Vic 69 number plate

Porsche 911 Carrera S – 7 April 2014 – Heritage Number Plate Spotting

Vic 69 - Ferrari 360

Ferrari 360 Modena – 17 February 2010 – Aussie Exotics

Vic 69 number plate

Ferrari 360 Modena – 22 May 2007 – Ferrari Chat

Vic 69 Number Plate

Ferrari 360 Modena – 29 January 2006 – Plate Shed


“While we are recalling things, the plate mentioned earlier (# 69) sold to the current owner for early $30k’s if I am not mistaken. Big win.

At one time it was with one of the Fox boy’s who had it on his 4WD.”

29 May 2007 – Ferrari Chat

“But prestige car dealer Nick Theodossi, who has traded more than 50 plates, said some were more difficult to move than others.

“I had VIC 69 for more than two years and probably received 200 phone calls,” Mr Theodossi said.

“They all said the same thing about their wives not being happy or feeling like a pimp.”

The plate eventually sold for $40,000 to the son of a Hong Kong shipping magnate, who owns a Ferrari 360.”

20 January 2007 – How do you know you’ve made it? Step up to the plate – The Age

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