Q3 was the third number plate issued in Queensland.

In 2005 both Q2 and Q3 were offered at the PPQ auction, which was held at the Brisbane Motor Show on the 9th of February.

Q2 and Q3 number plates

Neither plate sold, but the bidding was still quite strong.

Q3 was passed in at $270,000 and Q2 was passed in at $280,000.

The plates were then offered as a pair, but were again passed in, this time at $600,000.

The owner at the time of the auction was Shane Quig, pictured to the right.

I was at the auction, but sadly did not have the funds to bid on either plate…

At The Great Qld Plate Auction in 1985 the plate sold under the hammer for $15,000.

Q3 was originally issued in 1921 to Dr Alex H. Marks of 109 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane.  The plate was registered to a 1921 Ford.

Q2 was originally issued to Dr Chas F. Marks, also of Wickham Terrace, and also registered to a Ford.


'Q3' on a HSV.

Q3 – HSV GTS – 12 January 2018 – Heritage Number Plate Spotting

The plate was most recently spotted in Victoria, and has been remade in the Victorian enamel style.  This is quite illegal, but doesn’t seem to stop some plate owners.  You can see what the plate should look like in the photo below.

Qld Q3 number plate

Toyota Corolla – Spotted on the Gold Coast circa 2006.

Q3 number plate

Q3 number plate on display at the 2005 PPQ auction.

Q2 and Q3 number plates

Q2 and Q3 number plates held by their owner at the time, Shane Quig.  Published in the Courier Mail in 2004.

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