NSW 18 number plateEvent:  2005 Bonhams & Goodman Auction – Sydney

Date:  9 October 2005

Location:  Sydney

Little information is available on this auction, however some results have been made available via the media.

Three very impressive plates where offered, including a very low 2 digit plate (18) and the very desirable 911.

If the number below appears as a link, you can follow the link to our photo of the plate on a car.

2 digit:

  • 18 – $248,600

3 digit:

  • 282 – $74,600
  • 911 – ?


“The record for a two-digit plate, NSW 18, is $248,600 and in the crazy period before the credit crash, Bonhams sold NSW 282 for $74,600.”

8 September 2010 – Stepping up to the plates – Sydney Morning Herald

“The desirable New South Wales Number Plate, ‘18‘ will also be included in the auction. The original registration was issued to Sir Allen Taylor, then Lord Mayor of Sydney, after who Taylors Square in Sydney is named. In June 1937, he purchased a new Cadillac from Tillotsons Motors Ltd in London, had the plates transferred and arranged to have the vehicle shipped to Sydney. After a short illness, he died and his wife contacted Mr W.H. Lober of Sydney Cadillac Distributors and asked if he would purchase the car when it arrived in Sydney. Lober proceeded with the purchase and the number plate has remained in the Lober family ever since. The right to display the plates is expected to fetch between $220,000 and $260,000.

Other important number plates on offer include NSW ‘282’, which is also the property of the Lober family, and is expected to fetch between $80,000 – 120,000. Of particular interest to Porsche enthusiasts, NSW ‘911’, is included with an estimate of $100,000 – 140,000. Bonhams and Goodman established its record breaking reputation for number plates when it sold NSW number plate ‘2’ for $683,000 in September 2003.”

30 September 2005 – Collectors Cars & Number Plates Auction, Sydney & Melbourne – Sports Car Market

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