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"GOLD24". Custom NSW number plates with 6 characters. - Alludes of BIGTIME PURE WEALTH... 24 carat GOLD = symbol of wisdom, success, maturity, stability… Perfect for a magnate, trader, industrialist, venture capitalist etc. Type: 'PERSONALISED PLUS'. Style: ‘PLATINUM GOLD ON BLACK (EXTRA LONG). Background: black. Text: gold. Left side: ‘NSW’ (small black letters arranged vertically on gold background). Right side: black southern cross stars over gold background. Border: black. Front plate: 110mm x 520mm. Back plate: 110mm x 520mm. Plates type can be changed to any other type and style (from 'myplates' range) after purchase. Plates are brand new (unpacked, with no pre-drilled holes) and have never been affixed on any car (registered or not). Currently stored with Services NSW.

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