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2018 Shannons Sydney Autumn Auction

Event:  2018 Shannons Sydney Autumn Classic Auction Date:  Monday 12 March 2018 Location:  65 Reserve Road, St Leonards, NSW.   Thirty NSW heritage plates were auctioned and sold at this auction, including nineteen 3-digit, ten 4-digit and one 5-digit plate. Shannons auction venue was packed to capacity with a significant percentage of the attendees there…
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2017 Shannons Sydney Winter Classic Auction

Event:  2017 Shannons Sydney Summer Classic Auction & Rare Number Plates Date:  Monday 28 August 2017 Location:  65 Reserve Road, St Leonards, NSW. I don’t usually fly interstate to attend the Shannons auctions, but when a single digit plate is being auctioned for the first time in a decade, and the expected result will set…
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ACT Single Digit Number Plates

There’s no more valuable number plate than a single digit heritage plate. Below you’ll find all of the single digit ACT number plates to have been submitted to our Facebook page. Please note that the dates listed refer to when the photo was posted, and not necessarily when the photo was taken. 1 – Mercedes-Benz E…
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Qld Number Plate – Q9

The ninth number plate issued in Queensland was Q9. According to the List of motor owners in Queensland published in 1923, Q9 was owned by Victor W Croston of Milton Road, Auchenflower.  The vehicle type was a “Hup”. Images: Toyota LandCruiser – 16 August 2010 – Aussie Exotics

Qld Number Plate – Q7

The seventh number plate to be issued in Queensland was Q7. It was first issued in 1921 to George H. Perry of Windermere Road, Hamilton.  The plate was fitted to a Wolsley. The plate was sold in 1985 at The Great Qld Plate Auction where it achieved a price of $12,000. In 2015 the plate was offered again via a bankrupt…
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Vic Number Plate – 5

The Victorian heritage number plate ‘5‘ is quite an elusive plate. It is currently registered to a green 1995 BMW, which has been spotted a few times but seems to get out very rarely. We don’t have any records of recent sales for this plate, or any hints as to the current or past owners. Images: BMW…
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NSW Number Plate – 9

The NSW single digit heritage plate ‘9‘ is not currently registered to a car. We only have a single, small photo of the plate, but we did manage to find a newspaper reference to the plate. If you have any further information on NSW ‘9’ please leave a comment. Photos Mercedes-Benz.  Date and source unknown….
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SA Single Digit Number Plates

Here are all of the single digit South Australian historic number plates which have been shared on the Heritage Number Plate Spotting Facebook page. Please note that the dates listed are when the photo was shared on the Facebook page, and not necessarily when the photo was actually taken. We will be adding more information about SA heritage…
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Qld Number Plate – Q4

The fourth number plate issued in Queensland was Q4. The last reported sale (that we know of) for this plate was at The Great Qld Plate Auction back in 1985, where it sold for $13,000. Q4 was first registered in 1921 to a Ford owned by John Thurlow & Sons Ltd, of Alice Street in Albion….
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NSW Number Plate – 7

NSW heritage number plate 7. Images: Subaru Forester – 31 December 2015 – Heritage Number Plate Spotting Subaru Forester – 3 September 2013 – Plate Shed If you have any other photos of NSW #7 or information about the plate please let us know via the Heritage Plate Facebook page.