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PPQ Q Plate Auctions

From 1999 to 2010, Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ) held number plate auctions. All sorts of plates were offered at the auction, however this list focuses on the heritage plates (q plates) sold. The plates are grouped by the year of the auction.  If the plate is shown as a link you can follow the link to…
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3 Digit Q Plates – Heritage Number Plates

Queensland’s heritage plates are commonly referred to as ‘Q Plates’. This page contains all of the 3 digit Q plates which have been featured on the Heritage Number Plate Spotting Facebook page as well as our new page. The date shown is the date the photo was posted on the page, which may not…
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Selling number plates on eBay

Search for number plates on eBay and you will find thousands of listings from all over Australia. The high starting prices (often $10k plus) could fool you into thinking that people are making thousands from selling their plates, but this is definitely not the case… We decided to look at all of the completed number…
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Single letter Qld number plates

After heritage plates, commonly known in Queensland as ‘Q Plates’, the most expensive and sought after number plates are those containing a single letter. There are 26 such plates (obviously!) and we’re doing our best to put together a list of photos showing all of the plates in use. If you have a photo of…
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