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NSW 4 digit heritage plates

This page contains all of the four digit and higher NSW heritage plates which have been posted on the Heritage Number Plate Spotting Facebook page. The date noted below is the date the photo was posted on the page, which may not be the same date that the photo was taken. If you have any photos of NSW heritage plates…
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Qld Q Plates – 4 digits and higher

Queensland’s heritage plates are commonly referred to as ‘Q Plates‘. This page contains all of the 4 digit and higher Q plates which have been featured on the Heritage Number Plate Spotting Facebook page as well as our new page. The date shown is the date the photo was posted on the page, which…
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Debt related number plates

We’ve seen quite a few number plates around which include the word DEBT. Some people are happy to point out that their car has left them in debt, whilst others feel the need to point out that they have no debt. Here are some of the DEBT plates that we’ve come across… NO DEBT [QLD] Nice…
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Ferrari Number Plates

Like many other exotic cars, Ferraris can commonly be seen wearing personalised or heritage number plates. Many Ferrari owners come up with their own unique combos, but some seem desperate to have the word FERRARI on their number plate, just in case the prancing horse wasn’t enough! Of course there can only be one FERRARI…
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Vic Number Plate – 16

The Victorian heritage number plate 16 is reportedly owned by Tom Warwick of Warwick fabrics, and has adorned several of his Ferraris. Warwick seems to have moved on from Ferraris however, with the plate now residing on a Rolls Royce Ghost as pictured below. The Warwick family are also said to own Vic 4 and 6 along with…
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