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Number plates of the BRW Rich List

With prices for low numbered heritage plates well into the six figures and reportedly even seven figures, it’s no surprise that such plates are owned by some seriously wealthy people. In this list we’ve tried to track down all of the heritage plate owners within the BRW Rich 200 list. We don’t have too many entries…
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NSW single digit number plates

The holy grail of number plates in Australia are the single digit heritage plates. Unlike in Victoria where we have a comprehensive list of photographs and information on the plate owners, NSW has been a little more difficult to crack. Here’s what we have so far. Note:  You can click on any of the plates…
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NSW Number Plate – 4

The NSW heritage number plate 4 is likely to be most recent single digit NSW plate to change hands. It was previously confirmed that the plate was owned by John Symond, the founder of Aussie Home Loans. In February 2016 it was rumoured that the plate had changed ownership, and this was backed up by a photo of…
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