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Vic Number Plate – 45

Vic ’45’ heritage plate. Huge thanks to Colin for sending in a couple of photos and some fantastic history on this plate: “Finally found some old photos of Vic ’45’ which my father owned in the late 60’s/ early 70’s. The story behind it is, he saw a Riley 2 1/2 back in the late…
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Vic 3 digit heritage plates – 750 to 999

This page features all of the 3 digit Victorian heritage plates which have been listed on the Heritage Number Plate Spotting Facebook page. Please note that the dates refer to the date the photo was shared on the Facebook page.  The photo may have been taken at an earlier date. Due to the size of the collection we…
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3 Digit Q Plates – Heritage Number Plates

Queensland’s heritage plates are commonly referred to as ‘Q Plates’. This page contains all of the 3 digit Q plates which have been featured on the Heritage Number Plate Spotting Facebook page as well as our new page. The date shown is the date the photo was posted on the page, which may not…
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