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Murdoch Number Plates

The Victorian heritage number plates 10 and 12 have both been linked to the Murdoch family. Although a number of ultra-wealthy Australians (and their families) have owned heritage plates, perhaps none have as much history as these two plates. Vic 10 is said to have been the number plate used by Sir Keith Murdoch, father…
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Victorian Heritage Plate Sales Records

This page contains a gallery of Victoria’s most expensive heritage number plates, sorted in order of their sale price. I have included all auction sales, as well as private sales which have been mentioned publicly.  No doubt there are many more private sales that we are not aware of, so if you know of any please let me know….
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NSW number plate – 10

You might think that the NSW heritage plate 10 would be owned by a wealthy businessperson, as is the case with most low numbered plates. But no, it is actually owned by the government and used on the vehicle of the the Commissioner of Fire and Rescue NSW, which is currently Greg Mullins. The plate…
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NSW 2 digit heritage plates

This page features all of the 2 digit NSW heritage number plates which have been shared on our Facebook page. You can visit our Facebook page here if you have any photos to share. Please note that the dates refer to the date the photo was shared on our Facebook page.  The photo may have been taken at an earlier…
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