After running Facebook’s leading heritage plate page for the last four years, I am now seeking offers for it.

I love running the page, having built it from nothing, but I need to spend more time on my business and less time on Facebook.

The page has over 6,000 fans, many of whom are heritage plate owners.  Fans that I have personally had contact with via the page include dozens of owners of 3+ digit plates from all states, a number of 2-digit owners from Vic, NSW and Qld, and one single digit plate owner.

Among those that I’ve had contact with are a number of owners of very large portfolios of plates.  At least one Financial Review rich lister too…

I’ve always run the page out of love, but if you want to make money from dealing in heritage plates, this page would be invaluable to you, and instantly give you the best audience in Australia.

In the past I have posted a few plates for sale on behalf of fans of the page, and here’s some feedback from the last person who sold one, which was a 4-digit Vic plate:

“Unlike other platforms which have a limited audience, ensures that my plate had the maximum exposure to the market. Within the first 24 hours, potential buyers were already expressing genuine interest and before the week, the plate was sold. The platform definitely delivers results.”

This plate was only posted on the Facebook page, and not actually on the website.

On the subject of which, this sale only includes the Facebook page.  I am looking at selling the site as well, and would be open to offers on both.

Update – the site is now sold.  Only the FB page is now available.

My personal experience has been that both operate very independently however, and neither really benefits from the other.

What’s it worth?

I’ve put a huge amount of work into building the page up to this point, and I’m well aware of the value of the list I’ve built up, so I’m not going to give it away.

If you want to run it out of nothing more than love, then it might not be worth much to you.  In that case I’m probably not going to be a seller.

If you want to run it to complement your dealing in heritage plates, it’s seriously invaluable.  There’s no other resource like it.

Thanks to the page I’ve appeared on The Project and the ABC News, both times being interviewed about heritage plates.  I’ve also been quoted in a few different news articles.

I also very nearly brokered the sale of Vic 21 before the owners went to Shannons…

So if you want to establish yourself as the authority on heritage number plates, owning this Facebook page will give you a massive head start.

With the price of heritage plates recently, you should make your many back with just a few commissions…


  • 6k fans
  • 3.3k photos shared by me and others
  • 80k reactions (likes, loves etc)

Also included is my Instagram page (heritagenumberplates).  I haven’t put much time into it, and it only has 177 followers, but it’s a great start and has a great handle.

If you’re interested please message me via the Facebook page or email