Qld Q31Event:  2008 Brisbane International Motor Show Auction

Date:  10 February 2008

Location:  Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

View the full auction results here.

The Queensland heritage plate (‘q plate’) results from the auction are listed below.

2 digit:

  • Q31 – Passed in – $100,000
  • Q83 – Passed in – $63,000

3 digit:

  • Q154 – $25,000
  • Q204 – Passed in – $26,000
  • Q208 – Passed in – $27,000
  • Q529 – Passed in – $17,000
  • Q535 – Passed in – $16,500
  • Q549 – $18,000
  • Q760 – Passed in

4 digit:

  • Q1915 – Passed in
  • Q2008 – Passed in
  • Q4005 – $2,800

6 digit:

  • Q565572 – $2,300

Non-heritage number plates:

  • 0000000 – $13,000
  • 1A – $7,000
  • AU – Passed in
  • PETE 05 – $4,500 (signed by Peter Brock)

More information from the Shannons website:

QLD Heritage Plate Q31 could sell for up to $125,000 at the Shannons auction at the Brisbane Int Motor Show.  As investments today, they almost rival gold, but are lot more practical.

Queensland heritage ‘Q Plates’ have not only proved to be appreciating assets, but they also represent a unique personal statement on any vehicle.

For these reasons Shannons expect strong prices when they put a selection of desirable Q Plates on the market at the Brisbane International Motor Show Auction on February 10, including two rare 2-digit plates.

Q Numbers ’31’ and ’83’ are expected to bid up a storm at the auction, with Shannons expecting Q31 to sell in the $100,000-$125,000 range and ‘Q83’ to go for $65,000-$95,000.

If you think that’s a lot of money to pay for the right to display two small rectangular pieces of tinware, consider that similar items in New South Wales or Victoria could sell for up to three times that price, according to Shannons National Auction Manager, Christophe Boribon.

“Queensland number plate values are rapidly catching up to those in Sydney and Melbourne,” he said.

“There are just 90 original double-digit plates in existence and they can never be repeated.”

Other Queensland heritage plates being auctioned by Shannons at the Brisbane International Motor Show include ‘Q154’ ($20-$35,000), ‘Q204’and ‘Q208’ ($24-$32,000), ‘Q529’, ‘Q535’ and ‘Q549’ ($15-$22,000), ‘Q760’ ($15-$22,000), ‘Q2008’ ($7-$12,000), ‘Q1915’ ($8-$12,000), ‘Q4005’ ($6-$10,000) and ‘Q565572’ (no reserve, $2-$4,000).

Other interesting Queensland plates in the same auction include ‘0000000’ (no reserve, $7-$15,000), the Prestige plates ‘1A’ (no reserve, $10-$15,000) and ‘AU’ ($6-$10,000).

There is also a special treat for Peter Brock fans with the Personalised number plate ‘PETE 05’ (signed by the late champion) being offered for sale with no reserve. Shannons expect the plate to sell for $2-$4,000 (no reserve).