NumberPlates.com.au is Australia’s leading platform for buying and selling personalised and custom number plates.

Our platform allows buyers and sellers to easily negotiate a sale whilst protecting the privacy of both parties until a sale is agreed.

With thousands of plates listed for sale, you’re sure to find your perfect plate at NumberPlates.com.au.

How it works

If you have a number plate to sell, you can list it on our site for just $29 until sold.

Your personal details are kept private, and you will be notified of offers on your plates via email.

Once an offer has been received you can elect to accept or reject the offer, or make a counter offer.

The buyer and seller can continue making counter offers via the website without having to reveal any contact details.

Only once both the buyer and seller have agreed to a price the contact details be released to each other.

It is then up to both parties to make contact and proceed with the transaction.

Please note that our involvement ceases once a price has been agreed and contact details have been released.  It is your responsibility as the buyer or seller to complete the transaction outside of our website.


Our history stretches back over 15 years, when the site was launched in 2001 as Australia’s very first dedicated number plates classifieds website.

In 2007 a new dedicated platform for advertising number plates was launched, and since that time many thousands of great plates have been listed for sale.

The business was acquired by its current owner in 2014.  A genuine number plate enthusiast with big plans to change the way people trade custom number plates.

Now in 2016 we are pleased to launch Australia’s first number plate trading platform.

Social Media

We really are fanatical about number plates, and we run two Facebook pages dedicated to plates.

Number Plates Australia is our main Facebook presence, with over 7,000 fans and growing strongly.

On this page we share photos of personalised plates sent in by fans, and also feature photos of plates advertised on the website.

Heritage Number Plate Spotting is a reflection of our owner’s passion for heritage plates, which are the most valuable number plates available.

On this page we feature photos of heritage number plates spotted throughout Australia, along with past auction results where available.

This community is growing strongly with over 4,500 fans, a number of which are heritage plate owners themselves.

About the owner

NumberPlates.com.au is owned and run by Shane Moore.

Shane has a great love for number plates, and has owned many personalised plates and heritage plates over the years.

If you would like to contact Shane please email sales@numberplates.com.au.